What’s Under the Hat? Heir, Apparently

Sure, it's a nice hat, but it's so trendy now. Corn, however, nobody else in the country has that.

Hold on to your hat. Especially if you plan on wearing one made of otter fur while in North Korea. As the reclusive country run by political b-boy Kim Jong-il suffers through it’s coldest winter on record, threatening to put even greater strains on an already short food supply and spread growing malnutrition among the populace, the Dear Leader’s son and heir is making a bold winter fashion statement.

For the first time, Kim Jong-un has been seen wearing a foreign-crafted otter fur hat complete with ear flaps, just like dear old dad. Not only is it the first time the young clone has shown off the hat, he is the only person in North Korea besides Jong-il who is allowed to wear one. Other high ranking officials have certainly been seen wearing similar fur hats, but those are more in tune with the cheap, drab clothing of every other North Korean. Indeed, only Jong-il and Jong-unbalanced wear the nice ones, made with bits of real otter, a sign that daddy’s little boy is quickly becoming as powerful as his father.

Jong-un’s penchant for fashion is becoming a regular headline maker as he is also suspected to have undergone plastic surgery in order to closer resemble the original maniac of the house, grandfather, Kim Il-sung. Watch for him on a runway near you.

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