It’s Cold Out Here

-40°C. It’s impossible to understand unless you’ve been through it. Here’s what it looks like. But you have to feel it to know it. To help understand it, -40° C is -40°F. It’s so cold, the thermometer gives up trying to tell the difference. But Canadians don’t give up. We go on with our lives like it’s any other day:

Time doesn’t freeze. You gotta get out there. You gotta chop wood. Fuel the fire. Go on the hunt. Put food on the table. That’s what you do. That’s why you’re here. That’s what makes you Canadian. You gotta get out there. Get cultured. You don’t say it’s too cold outside. You get out there, take a deep, burning breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth, watch it disappear, and say with a smile, “ahhhh… it’s cold out here.” You layer up. Long johns and jeans. Two t-shirts and a sweatshirt. A hoody and a big-ass coat with a big-ass hood. A hot drink to warm the cockles. Whisky, water, and honey… hot. You get outside. Get it done. Brave the cold. Be Canadian. Fuel the fire.

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Them’s Fightin’ Words


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The Van, Man

This was my submission for the Vanageddon show at House Gallery. Paying homage to the golden age of vans, the idea was to strike a balance between creepy and charming.

The video is made up of footage found on youtube, along with music and a shitty voiceover I put together on GarageBand.

I took the back door off an ’88 Dodge Ram van from Calgary Pick N’ Pull, made some bumper stickers, and slapped ’em on there.

Get in and ride!

Back DoorRollin' Rock I Can Be Anything You Want

Get In and Ride Mano a Mano Full Throttle Drive It, Live It, Give It All You Can Give It The Van Man Fill er Up and Let er Rip Everything You Need Takes Everything You Got

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Samurai vs. Viking

Samurai vs. Viking

Who would win in a battle between the lightning speed of the Samurai and the brute force of the Viking? Of course, it’s all covered on Deadliest Warrior. Made with Paper on the iPad

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The Bojingles

There’s nothing The Bojingles loves more than a good jingle.

Watch more at

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